The year is 620 A.D., North Lebanon. Living with God is men’s privilege and the most unreachable women’s right. Stubborn as she is, the 20 year-old revolutionary girl breaks the rules and endures all the consequences.

She would accept, fight and do anything to win her right as a woman to live and serve in the house of God.

22nd March 2018: official release in all Lebanese Cinemas

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August 19, 2019

No word can express the feeling while watching Morine! Everything in the film lifts you up to the spirituality of Morine.. landscape, clothes, colors, lighting, script… A must see movie highly recommended



September 24, 2018

Excellent Movie God Bless 8/10

Charbel Bou Malham

Place of the movie

September 4, 2018

Hello. Just info. If the movie is so beautiful and all people have to watch it, we should all go to furn el chubbak to watch it ? If i live in kesrouan, i should reserve a day to go watch it ? Can u put it in a other cinemas also to let all people watch it ? Thank you

Silmon kayem

Beautiful and inspiring

August 21, 2018

Beautiful movie. Amazing actors!

Romy Darin

Should be promoted outside lebanon

July 25, 2018

Amazing deserves an award



April 26, 2018

Great Lebanese movie amazing acting and produce High quality of Lebanese movie

Pierre Baddour

Film Cast:
Carmen Bsaibes, Mounir Maasri, Hasan Farhat, Ghassan Massoud, Takla Chamoun, Mounir Keserwani, Ouais Moukhallalati, Samara Nohra, Ajia Abou Asli, Housam Al Sabbah, Renée Ghoch, Ali Sammouri, Joseph Abboud, Wafaa Halawi, Basma Baydoun, Pôl Seif, Cloey Nohra, Daniel Abou Shakra, Nay Bou Antoun, Maroun Kassab, 

Behind The Scenes

  • children played an essential role in morine movie
    Children played an essential role in Morine movie

FILM Crew:
Writer/Director: Tony Farjallah

Executive Producer: Takla Chamoun Farjallah

Director of Photography: Pôl Seif

Camera Operator: Hasan Salameh

Assistant Director: Mohammad Khaiari, Ilat Knayzeh

Music Composer: Iyad Al Rimawi

Editor: Karim Hammouda

Set Designer: Moncef Hakouna

Set Designer: Adel Aouni

Costume Designer: Lilia Lakhoua

Make-up Designer: Houssein Ardestani

Sound Designer: Rana Eid

Re-recording Mixer: Florent Lavallée

Sound Recorder: Mohamad Kanakane

Colorist: Loup Brenta

Production Coordinator: Nour Akiki



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